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Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster Recovery Plan



Planning and managing for disaster comprises a myriad of tasks, every one of which must be undertaken with care and diligence. However, it is also the case that too often organizations get bogged down in unnecessary complexity: re-inventing the wheel, deploying unnecessarily complex solutions, etc. 

The Disaster Recovery Toolkit is designed to address many of the requisite tasks WITHOUT wasting resources or straying from the main objective of ensuring  continuity.

It comprises a number of discrete elements, each designed to assist with a key task or requisite function. The toolkit is MS-Word based, to ensure both familiarity and ease of use for the user. The main items are described (with sample pages) via the contents tree on the left, and are as follows:

Contingency audit and review questionnaires

Disaster Recovery Plan audit questionnaire

A framework and checklist for the creation of a plan

A Business Impact Analysis questionnaire/guide

A Dependency Analysis questionnaire and guide 

The Disaster Recovery Toolkit is used in over 40 countries by thousands of users. It adds significant value for those wishing to create a plan or simply wishing to review their contingency situation 

Disaster Recovery Plan  How to Obtain the Disaster Recovery Toolkit 
The toolkit can be purchased and downloaded for use immediately. Simply follow the link below to our secure server and make the purchase. 


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